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10 Tracks with Electrico, Singapore indie rock vets entering a new decade

Posted 9 months ago Written by SINGAPORE COMMUNITY RADIO
Photo credit Aloysius Lim

Electrico is our latest guest on 10 Tracks. They’re a Singaporean band with a history of their own and in 2021, they’re marking a new chapter in its books.

The trio — made up of David Tan, Desmond Goh, and William Lim, Jr — were representative of a new brand of indie rock in Singapore in the 2000s, and while they’ve spent the 2010s mostly under-the-radar, they’re back with a new EP titled B-sides, Live at the Power Station.

The EP consists of reworked songs from their discography, performed with an expanded live band that includes strings and horn players, and it comes with a newly-minted concert film.

They’re here to talk to us about this project, along with the 10 tracks that mean the most to them. Watch the full 10 Tracks episode below and read their picks accordingly.

Neil Sadaka – ‘Laughter in the Rain’

David Tan (vocals/guitar): I’ve always felt that music was the closest thing we had to a time machine. For me, the songs that came out of the Rediffusion box and filled my home during my childhood stamped that period with a raw and beautiful sense of innocence and joy. This song in particular sums it up and never fails to take me back to those carefree afternoons just sitting in front of the radio. Music was so soulful and beautiful then.

Josh Rouse – ‘Winter in the Hamptons’

Tan: I had Josh Rouse’s Nashville album on repeat during our tour in the states for our South by Southwest (SXSW) show in Austin. It proved to be an amazing soundtrack to the scenery and landscape we got to experience. His voice and the melodies are so sincere and poignant, they made a moment out of practically everything we saw.

Tears For Fears – ‘Bad Man’s Song’

Tan: When Tears For Fears came out with The Seeds Of Love album, I had just bought a new Walkman and decided to listen to the album for the first time as I went to sleep. The album turned out to be such a mind-blowing journey, it kept me awake through to the end.

It was such an amazing way to experience the album that it became my lullaby every night. Each time, I would discover more sonic and melodic textures that just sealed Tears For Fears as one of my favourite bands ever. There are so many killer tracks on the album, but this is one of my favourites for sure. ‘Oleta Adams’!

Oasis – ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’

Tan: Oasis was such a huge part of Electrico’s early years, they showed us that you could jangle some simple chords with attitude and rock out with it, and that’s exactly what we did! We covered a lot of their songs then, having such a blast feeling that rock and roll channel through us.

Kon Kan – ‘I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden)’

Desmond Goh (bass): This song was especially memorable as it had an edgy sound and broody verse melody. Not to mention, it was the soundtrack for my crush during primary school!

Spiritualized – ‘You Know It’s True’

Goh: I was into fast, loud and intense music growing up, but this song helped me to appreciate the nuances of a slow number. It would help my messy mind stay calm and put things into perspective.

The Beatles – ‘All My Loving’

Goh: When we first got together as Electric Company, this was one of the songs that we covered for a church funfair. Performing it for the first time made us felt like a band that clicked!

Oasis – ‘Roll with It’

William Lim Jr. (drums): This was one of the first songs we played together! We played it pretty close to the original version, and it inspired us to further broaden our ideas and experiment with that style of a jangling melodied rock.

Mutemath – ‘Typical’

Lim Jr.: At SXSW ‘07, I was inspired by Mutemath to take my drumming into different directions, this includes trying different time signatures and playing off-beat, which you can hear in ‘Hail To The Friends’ and ‘Shadow’.

Foo Fighters – ‘Everlong’

Lim Jr.: This song inspired me to take more chances and experiment more with our second album Hip City, whereas for the first album So Much More Inside, we were more inspired by Radiohead and Doves.

You can find Electrico on Instagram and Facebook. B-sides Live at the Power Station is now available on all digital platforms.