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An interview with NIKI, on breaking genre boundaries, TikTok, and Kendrick Lamar

Posted 1 year ago Written by SINGAPORE COMMUNITY RADIO
NIKI Moonchild interview Singapore Community Radio
Photo credit Brittany Nguyen (88rising)

“I think I’ve learned a lot about myself as an artist. Mainly that, I really appreciate versatility and I don’t believe in genres anymore.”

NIKI sets the tone in our interview with an unwavering belief, molded after years being known as an R&B upstart out of Jakarta. Evolving into a self-assured artist in 2020, the release of Moonchild makes her case if you’re not convinced yet.

Now based in Los Angeles, NIKI has thrown down the gauntlet within, and beyond, the versatile 88rising roster.

A concise 10-track album, divided into three distinct segments, Moonchild is a sprawling display of the 21-year-old firing on all cylinders — a rare case for any artist making their full-fledged debut.

In our conversation, we touch upon the album’s production process, planning ahead for Coachella, her admiration for Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift, and how TikTok allows her to connect with fans back home. Listen below.

Special thanks to 88rising for arranging this interview.

Stream NIKI’s Moonchild below.