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Analog Club with The Analog Vault


The Analog Vault duo return for another session of Analog Club, digging out records that span from molam to spiritual jazz, ambient pop to dub. ⁠

Gabor Szabo – ‘Galatea’s Guitar’ (EBALUNGA!!!)
From the album Dreams

Kelle Patterson – ‘Soul Daddy (Lady)’ (Black Jazz Records)
From the album Maiden Voyage

L.V. Johnson – ‘I Don’t Really Care’ (Everland)
From the album We Belong Together

Roland Haynes – ‘Second Wave’ (Black Jazz Records)
From the album Second Wave

Doug Carn – ‘Down Deep’ (Jazz Is Dead)
From the album Jazz Is Dead Series 05

The Ensemble Al-Salaam – ‘Vibration Love Call’ (Strata-East)
From the album The Sojourner

Muriel Grossmann – ‘Chant’ (Jazzman)
From the album Elevation

Akira Miyazawa – Four Units – A1 Four Units | Le Tres Jazz Club
From the album Four Units

Meitei – ‘Man’yō’ (Kitchen. Label)
From the album Kofū

Beverly Glenn-Copeland – ‘Sunset Village’ (Transgressive Records)
From the compilation Transmissions: The Music of Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Gigi – ‘Guramayle’ (Time Capsule)
From the album Illuminated Audio

Hongthong Dao-Udon – ‘B4 Huai A-Ba-Ni-Bi’ (EM Records)
From the compilation Bump Lam Phloen: Essential Hongthong Dao-udon

Sakura – ‘Come On To My House’ (Akenaton Records)
From the compilation Singapore Nuggets, The Ladies

Tadao Sawai & Kazue Sawai & Hozan Yamamoto & Sadanori Nakamur & Tatsuro Takimoto & Takeshi Inomata – ‘Soran Bushi’ (Mr Bongo)
From the album Jazz Rock

Hareton Salvanini – ‘Com Os Raios Do Sol’ (Mad About Records)
From the album Xavana, Uma Ilha Do Amor

16. Steve Hiett – ‘Blue Beach – Welcome To Your Beach’ (Efficient Space / Be With Records)
From the album Down On The Road By The Beach

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