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All hits all day. Tune in to Death FM on Halloween for the latest and greatest metal hits for your evening drive downtown. UFOs, sorcery, ghouls, and (fictional) news reports from your host, DJ Passaway.⁠

Havukruunu – ‘Uinuos Syömein Sota’
Crypt Sermon – ‘Key of Solomon’
Ripped to Shreds – ‘Righteous Fist to the Teeth of the Wicked’
Blood Incantation – ‘Slave Species of the Gods’
Napalm Death – ‘Contagion’
Plague Organ – ‘Orphan’
Smoulder – ‘Warrior Witch Of Hell’
Power Trip – ‘Firing Squad (Live)’
Elder – ‘In Procession’
Necrot – ‘Stench of Decay’