Future of Work, Now by Salesforce

(Guest: Justin Peyton)

Justin Peyton knows a thing or two about stepping out of your comfort zone — his 20-year career has traversed the worlds of finance, media, and data-driven marketing. ⁠

Now the chief strategy and transformation officer APAC at Wunderman Thompson, Peyton shares with Simone Heng about digital marketing during the pandemic, confronting the future with calculated risks, and the fundamentals of leadership in the workplace.

The Future of Work, Now podcast focuses on how we work and connect has fundamentally changed. It will highlight the people and businesses that are leading with values, changing the way we work, and bettering our community.

The podcast comprises four seasons where business leaders, members of the community, and thought-provoking guests will discuss key themes such as Business as a Platform for Change, Future of Work, Technology in Hyperspeed, and the Digital Imperative.

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