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Bill & Ted‘s most excellent third entry, the 2nd season of anti-superhero satire The Boys, Disney’s wuxia-styled live-action Mulan, and the return of volleyball anime Haikyuu!! are our main topics.

But we also discuss Janelle Monae’s twisty slavery horror, Ridley Scott’s biblical sci-fi series, Netflix’s mission to Mars, an alt-history where Africa colonized Europe, Gillian Flynn’s show about an apocalyptic comic, a faithfully nightmarish Italian retelling of a dark fairytale, and more!

Plus, Hidzir highlights Kelly Sue DeConnick’s feminist sci-fi prison comic Bitch Planet, and Kim Hyun Sook’s graphic novel Banned Book Club about South Korea’s oppressive censorship in the 1980s.

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Genre Equality is a monthly podcast reviewing fantasy, horror, and science fiction content hosted by Hidzir Junaini and Isa Foong.