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Demon Slayer‘s first feature film, Brandon Cronenberg’s body horror Possessor, and Hulu’s reboot of Animaniacs are Genre Equality’s main topics this month!

Plus, they review ghost hunting comedies from England (Amazon Prime’s Truth Seekers) and Egypt (Paranormal), HBO Max’s latest instalment of Adventure Time: Distant Lands, Blumhouse’s hilarious body swap/slasher mash-up Freaky, Netflix’s Sudanese haunting of His House, AMC’s anthology about a scientific test to determine Soulmates, and much more.

Finally, Isa spotlights the best from the current anime season, while Hidzir eulogizes CW’s Supernatural and raves about Trung Le Nguyen’s graphic novel fairytale The Magic Fish about a young gay boy coming out to his parents.

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Genre Equality is a monthly podcast reviewing fantasy, horror, and science fiction content hosted by Hidzir Junaini and Isa Foong.