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Guest Mix by A’alely

Patrick Hartono – ‘The Return’
Stella Chiweshe – ‘Bird Song (Dauwd’s wired re-bird)’
HHY & The Macumbas – ‘Danbala Propaganda’
Ust. Muammar ZA – ‘Ya Ayyuhal Mukhtar’
Two Or The Dragon – ‘Listen, about what happened in Stockholm’
Dijit – ‘Hyperattention’
Gnawa Njoum Experience – ‘Baba Arabi’
Alexis Le-Tan – ‘To Move’
Aki Aki / Kaschiel – ‘Mailo, Urbanisation du Huan’
Zatua – ‘Camel Express’
Tornado Wallace – ‘Kingdom Animalia’
Perth Drug Legend – ‘Clackmannashire Crusaderz’
DJ Khalab ft Tamar Collocutor – ‘Bafia’
Arrington de Dionyso – ‘Mahkota Kotor Window’
Sacred Lodge – ‘Santa Sangre’
Kintsugi – ‘Kajinchô’
Kaelan Mikla – ‘Skuggadans’

About A’alely

A’alely whistles tunes, children’s rhymes in dead languages, mating calls in all things “foreign”, bootleg remixes, anything and everything else. An undesirable member of the Darker Than Wax crew.