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Cayenne’s guest mix for SGCR is packed with synth bloops and twisted bass, feat. 100 gecs, Kai Whiston, Recovery Girl, Fraxiom & more.

Sunshine Vendetta – ‘Rave On’
Sebii – ‘Play Poker (bitchgirl404 remix)’
Recovery Girl/Galen Tipton – ‘Recovery Girl’
100 gecs ft. Dorian Electra – ‘gec 2 ü (remix)’
KaTT & Blake Skowron – ‘Bloodlust’
Aaron Cartier – ‘King Tap’
Ravenna Golden & Laces – ‘Cry’
p4rkr/osquinn – ‘four am’
Capoxxo ft. Oaf1 + Dreamcache – ‘Perfect’
glaive – ‘astrid’
Kai Whiston + EDEN – ‘Stingray’
Papaya & Friends – ‘DETERGENT’
Folie – ‘cortisol’
Cayenne – ‘Drivin Away’
Fraxiom – ‘scawy monstews and nice spwites :3 (Skrillex cover)’
Sobs – ‘Party Song VIP (jorud remix)’
Cashmere Cat – ‘Emotions (Eleven remix)’
Eliminate – ‘Weeble Wobble’
WAVEDASH + Quest – ‘Star Power’
King Yosef – ‘Pity Case’
doin’ fine – ‘KILL YUR LOCaL CHaSER’
Tony Velour + Dylan Brady – ‘EURO PLUG’
brakence – ‘sauceintherough’

About Cayenne


Cayenne is the solo project of Celine Autumn. With the attention span of a goldfish, she has harnessed her energies onto one thing: bangers and bangers only.

Hailing from Singapore, the project is the result of time spent messing around on Ableton — attempting to make synth bloops and vocal bleeps that “slap”. While making her mark as the frontwoman of buzzy indie band Sobs, injecting life into ephemeral tales of wistful longing, her songs as Cayenne are just as hook-friendly — even if the guitars have taken a backseat for now.

Her initial years fronting the three-piece were also spent nurturing ambitions to make equally catchy music of a different nature. Taking cues from a movement she quickly became infatuated with — a future-forward take on pop that felt both otherworldly and welcoming to her senses — she first sketched song ideas that have now taken form as crystallized anthems.

All of this has shaped the way she writes and produces her work, incorporating dance music, bubblegum pop, and an unshakeable indie rock sensibility into an encompassing whole. Through the songs of Cayenne, she is able to shift gears from a garage rock fever dream to a pristine hyperpop sheen in a heartbeat — resulting in emphatic pop music that will continue to evolve.

Her first ever solo single Drivin’ Away forms the Cayenne blueprint, followed by an EP to be released in the near future.