Guest Mix by Mary Sue


Mary Sue takes us on a voyage of 70s Taiwanese funk, 60s ska, underground UK trap, and moody indie bops on this Guest Mix.

Tian Niu – ‘等你在雨中-恬妞 Waiting For You in The Rain’
Jimmy Cliff – ‘King of Kings’
Jadasea – ‘SOUTHSIDE (feat. John Glacier)’
AB001 – ‘Beauty Sleep’
Keiths Mansfield – ‘Before Summer Ends’
ruru – ‘strange world’
Slauson Malone – ‘safe’
Bohannon – ‘Come Winter’
MIKE – ‘fortune teller’
Tatsuro Yamashita – ‘Storm’
Jaso – ‘divine freestyle’
Standing On The Corner – ‘Girl’
Sawalee Phakaphan – ‘จำเลยรัก – สวลี ผกาพันธุ์ Defendant of Love’
Strawberry Guy – ‘What Would I Do’
Mavi – ‘One Foot’
Fabulous Performers – ‘Oh How You Hurt Me’

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