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Guest mix by DJULIAN C


Bad Company UK – ‘4 Days’
Spor Remix Konflict, Spor – ‘Messiah’
Gridlok, Prolix – ‘Riot’
Teddy Killerz, Nphonix – ‘Burnin”
Sinthetix – ‘Ultraviolet’
Black Sun Empire, State of Mind – ‘Ego’
Spirit – ‘Lost & Found (Tactile Remix)’
Ed Rush, Optical – ‘Bacteria’
Cause4Concern – ‘Age Of Terror’
Rascal & Klone – ‘Freakazoid (2004)’
Bad Company UK – ‘Hornet’
Cause4Concern – ‘Scare Tactics’
Dom & Roland – ‘Bring in the Funk’
Bad Company – ‘Grunge 3 (Dieselboy & Kaos + Karl K Remix)’
Telekinesis – ‘Break’
The Prodigy – ‘Nasty (Spor Remix)’
Mob Tactics – ‘War City’
Gydra – ‘A New Dawn’
Black Sun Empire, Pythius – ‘Kepler’
Black Sun Empire, D Kay – ‘Bullet In The Head’
Mindscape, Audio – ‘Jarhead’
Original Sinister Souls – ‘The Taste Of Flesh’
Waeys – ‘Objection’
Konflict – ‘New World Order’
Babymetal – ‘Akatsuki (Gydra remix)’

Djulian C guest mix Singapore Community Radio
Photo credit Djulian C

About Djulian C


Dju-Lian has always been in and around the music scene — but usually as a photographer or just regular club-goer, always around in the background.

Usually, he’d be busy running his commercial photography business The Primary Studio. But during these uncertain times, work has slowed and he’s suddenly found himself with a lot of free time.

So during Singapore’s circuit breaker lockdown period, Dju-Lian found himself jumping straight into the deep end and picked up DJing. Not satisfied with bedroom DJing alone, he also decided to start live streaming his sets and started “performing” as part of a duo The Double D’s with his housemate and full-time DJ Daryl Knows.

Having a housemate who’s a full-time DJ has its perks, not only having someone to guide but also the equipment to practice on. Since April 2020, Dju-Lian has streamed DJ sets with local collective SYNDICATE and also events by Revision Music.