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Midnight Ambient Hour with Evening Chants


After a short break last month, Midnight Ambient Hour with Evening Chants is back for more immersive ambient and electronic picks to ease you into slumber.

Jasmine’s picks
Messell – ‘Hinanden’ (Textur)
Miroque – ‘Hifi Wave Bell’ (Botanical Sunset)
Dylan Fujioka / Patrick Shiroshi — ‘Stray Dog’ (Cacophonous Revival Recordings)
Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy — ‘Haj حاج’ (AD 93)
Jorud — ‘vyiuvvyuviyviyviuyv’ (self-released)
Masayoshi Fujita — ‘Sadness (Carlos Cipa Rework)’ (von der haardt)
Wanderwelle — ‘Presumed Lost’ (A Strangely Isolated Place)

Nigel’s picks
Luis Pestana – ‘Asa Machina’ (Orange Milk Records)
Ben Goldberg and Kenny Wolleesen – ‘Fifth Massage’ (BAG Production Records)
Loto Retina – ‘Flutes’ (Orange Milk Records)
Jurg Frey – ‘Extended Circular Music No. 6’ (Another Timbre)
Lucy Liyou – ‘I’m Going to Therapy’ (Ijn Inc.)
Jonas Gruska – ‘Rozospievanie’ (self-released)
Jonnine – ‘I Feel Like I’m In A Film’ (Boomkat Editions)

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