Nightcap with DJ Itch


EPO – ‘Mugon No Jealousy’
Tatsuro Yamashita – ‘Sprinkler’
Kiyotaka Sugiyama & Omega Tribe – ‘Summer Suspicion’
Shigeru Suzuki – ‘Passion Flower’
Aran Tomoko – ‘I’m In Love’
Rafika Duri – ‘Pemuda Indonesia’
Transsi – ‘Tirani’
Uji Rashid – ‘Sani’
Carefree ‘Ratu Dansa (Tarian Patung)’
Spectrum – ‘Tomato Ippatsu’
Rupa – ‘Aaj Shanibar’
Yumi Murata – ‘Krishna’
洪小凌 & The Stylers – ‘牛肉棵條’
The Flybaits – ‘Nirwana’
方羽 & The Stylers – ‘嗖!嗖! (Le Freak)’
Junko Yagami – ‘Communication’
Noriyo Ikeda – ‘Dream In The Street’
Tatsuro Yamashita – ‘Sparkle’
Toshiki Kadomatsu – ‘If You…’
Junko Yagami – ‘Tasogare No Bay City’
Mariya Takeuchi – ‘Sweetest Music’
Yasuha – ‘Flyday Chinatown’
Akina Nakamori – ‘Oh No, Oh Yes!’
Hiroshi Sato – ‘Say Goodbye’

About DJ Itch


Based in Singapore, Itch is a sound selector and a vinyl collector. Itch has been actively collecting local vinyls since 2018, inspired by his passion for “local exotic funk a-go-go” music from the ’60s to early ’80s in Singapore, the Nusantara, and around the region, such as Nanyang a-go-go or Hala-Hala, Melayu-Indo funk-soul, Chinese disco, pop yeh yeh, Asian city pop, and other rare Asian groove music.

His vinyl DJ sets specialise in Asian sound and exotic music introducing forgotten local music gems from the past to modern listeners, and brings back nostalgic vibes for old-timers. Itch has appeared in various events in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan, also collaborated with DJs/performers from Singapore and around the region.