Something Private


There’s a misconception that disabled persons can’t have sex, or have no sexual desires. Truth is, they’re just like any of us, with the same intimacy wants and needs.

Zohra and Liang Le spent most of their lives able-bodied, until a car accident and spine condition led them to becoming wheelchair users. While most 20-something-year-olds grapple with finding themselves and looking for independence, Zohra and Liang Le’s quest looks slightly different.

In this episode, they share about navigating life in a wheelchair, prejudices they’ve faced from able-bodied persons, and their experience with love and intimacy. (Yes, they can have sex!)

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On Something Private, we want to have three-am sleepover conversations about menstrual pains, vaginal warts, and how tough it is to be a female – except with an educated approach.