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Squelch Zines’ Janice takes the mic for the first time — with no guest — to get personal about running Squelch alone in 2020, the struggles she faced during quarantine, plugging out from social media, and moving forward with the platform this year (zinemakers focusing on mental health and queer issues, listen up!)⁠

About Squelch Zines

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We are a collective trying to build a community of zine makers in Singapore. The Singapore zine culture has been hidden, and almost forgotten a few years back, and even more so during this digital age.

Squelch Zines hope to gather as many zinesters in Singapore to form the community, and ultimately be the bridge that connects them to the rest of the zine communities around the world. With that, we also want to encourage more people to continue or start making their own zine. The zine is such a wonderful and versatile communicative medium, and it could be in so many different types of form and made with countless of ways! Everyone’s zine(s) is what they make of it.

Squelch Zines was founded by Nicholas Loke and Janice Chua in 2013. The collective is now a tetrad along with Hafiz Syukri and Alif Seah.

Squelch Zines’s approach has always been experimental, as we try to make every zine experience Squelchable with everyone whom we have come across. Amongst some of the things we have are: The Zine Library, Zine Jam, Zine Swap, and the Squelchable Starter Pack, which we bring along with to our pop-ups, exhibitions and events such as the annual Singapore Art Book Fair.

Squelch Zines have also been working on the next evolution in the zine culture.