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The indie rock dreamers of Subsonic Eye recently released Nature of Things, a reinvention of sorts for the five-piece. Fresh off a sold-out launch at Esplanade Concert Hall, watch the band perform songs from the album (and more).

This performance was made possible by the Dorothy Cheung Memorial Fund.

Listen to their latest album Nature of Things here.

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Nature of Things bio from Bandcamp.

Shedding heavy fuzz and fanfare for rawer tonality and wearied lyricism, Singaporean noise rock mainstays Subsonic Eye reinvent themselves on their third full-length release Nature of Things.

Coming to grips with their place in a strange world, the band finds refuge in confessional intimacy with a grounded palette that evokes the album’s namesake – nature – whilst pondering the toll of human indulgence.

Capturing beauty in the liminal, Nature of Things finds the band poignantly celebrating the spirits of a natural world fast disappearing. In a world that seems to be closing in, their sonic metamorphosis becomes a source of life-affirming refuge. By embracing their most immediate instincts, Subsonic Eye take their boldest steps forward.