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The Potluck Club #01

Guests: Tell Your Children

The Potluck Club is a show exploring stories of local creators, entrepreneurs, and the ideas they’re cooking.

In this first episode, we put the spotlight on Tell Your Children, an illustration & design creative studio, as they share the constant work-in-progress attitude that defines their experimentation and collaborations.

About Tell Your Children

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Tell Your Children (TYC) is a creative studio producing visual content through Illustration & Design. Led by Deon, Russell, Kevin & Lydia, TYC has been proficient in working on mural projects, key visuals and branded content for clients locally as well as internationally.

From Baybeats Singapore to the Flatbush Zombies, TYC injects its signature visual language and creative style across the board, formulating outstanding design solutions for its diverse range of clients.

Tell Your Children also seeks to elevate and lead the creative community of Singapore and beyond. Through self-initiated events and various projects led by the collective’s creative output, TYC strives to form a robust eco-system that inspires and encourages creative self-expression and culture.