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ZŪJAGO Jazz Beat


Joe Henderson – ‘Black Narcissus’
Kamasi Washington – ‘Street Fighter Mas
Seatbelts – ‘Tank!’
Seatbelts – ‘Bad Dog No Biscuits’
Seatbelts – ‘Space Lion’
Seatbelts – ‘Piano Black’
Seatbelts – ‘Waltz For Zizi’


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ZŪJAGO(ズージャ語)translated as “jazz language” started off during the Taisho era (1912 -1926) Japan among jazz musicians as a slang. I felt this word was representative in spirit of what jazz in Japan was about. Taking elements of Western culture and turning it into their own thing, be it incorporating elements of traditional instrumentations or progressions.

With this in mind, I had set out to start a blog documenting Japanese jazz during the 1960s to 1980s and beyond. Granted there are easy ways of accessing this music through YouTube and BBE’s excellent J Jazz Masterclass series which has been feverishly reissuing long out of reach presses. I felt it would help to have a place where as many releases were documented and discussed about in some form. Hoping that in time to come more information about the artists who played the music will be discovered and covered here.