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ZŪJAGO Jazz Beat


Nujabes – ‘Battlecry (ft. Shing02)’
U-Zhaan – ‘Tabla ‘n’ Rap (ft. KAKATO)’
King Giddra – ‘見まわそう (Mi Mawasou)’
Towa Tei – ‘Technova (ft. Bebel Gilberto)’
NIPPS – ‘Island (RMX Vocal)’
Mahbie – ‘Space Brothers (ft. Bobby Bellwood & Dengaryu)’
Scha Dara Parr – ‘アフタードゥービーヌーン(After Do Be Noon)’
Videotape Music – ‘Sultry Night Slow’
Toshinori Kondo x DJ Krush – ‘無月 (Mu-Getsu)’
Shintaro Sakamoto – ‘Don’t Know What’s Normal’
Buddha Brand – ‘Funky Methodist’
MURO – ‘XXX-LARGE (ft. Dev Large & Gore-Tex)’


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ZŪJAGO(ズージャ語)translated as “jazz language” started off during the Taisho era (1912 -1926) Japan among jazz musicians as a slang. I felt this word was representative in spirit of what jazz in Japan was about. Taking elements of Western culture and turning it into their own thing, be it incorporating elements of traditional instrumentations or progressions.

With this in mind, I had set out to start a blog documenting Japanese jazz during the 1960s to 1980s and beyond. Granted there are easy ways of accessing this music through YouTube and BBE’s excellent J Jazz Masterclass series which has been feverishly reissuing long out of reach presses. I felt it would help to have a place where as many releases were documented and discussed about in some form. Hoping that in time to come more information about the artists who played the music will be discovered and covered here.

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About Lim Brothers Travel


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It’s a Halloween special of BEHOLD!, where we dive into horror movies about horror movies.

From Drew Goddard’s The Cabin in the Woods, to Shin’ichirô Ueda’s One Cut Of The Dead, to Wes Craven’s New Nightmare and Scream – these meta films hilariously deconstructs and sweetly celebrates the tropes of horror filmmaking.

About Genre Equality

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Genre Equality is a monthly podcast reviewing fantasy, horror, and science fiction content hosted by Hidzir Junaini and Isa Foong.

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Cayenne’s guest mix for SGCR is packed with synth bloops and twisted bass, feat. 100 gecs, Kai Whiston, Recovery Girl, Fraxiom & more.

Sunshine Vendetta – ‘Rave On’
Sebii – ‘Play Poker (bitchgirl404 remix)’
Recovery Girl/Galen Tipton – ‘Recovery Girl’
100 gecs ft. Dorian Electra – ‘gec 2 ü (remix)’
KaTT & Blake Skowron – ‘Bloodlust’
Aaron Cartier – ‘King Tap’
Ravenna Golden & Laces – ‘Cry’
p4rkr/osquinn – ‘four am’
Capoxxo ft. Oaf1 + Dreamcache – ‘Perfect’
glaive – ‘astrid’
Kai Whiston + EDEN – ‘Stingray’
Papaya & Friends – ‘DETERGENT’
Folie – ‘cortisol’
Cayenne – ‘Drivin Away’
Fraxiom – ‘scawy monstews and nice spwites :3 (Skrillex cover)’
Sobs – ‘Party Song VIP (jorud remix)’
Cashmere Cat – ‘Emotions (Eleven remix)’
Eliminate – ‘Weeble Wobble’
WAVEDASH + Quest – ‘Star Power’
King Yosef – ‘Pity Case’
doin’ fine – ‘KILL YUR LOCaL CHaSER’
Tony Velour + Dylan Brady – ‘EURO PLUG’
brakence – ‘sauceintherough’

About Cayenne


Cayenne is the solo project of Celine Autumn. With the attention span of a goldfish, she has harnessed her energies onto one thing: bangers and bangers only.

Hailing from Singapore, the project is the result of time spent messing around on Ableton — attempting to make synth bloops and vocal bleeps that “slap”. While making her mark as the frontwoman of buzzy indie band Sobs, injecting life into ephemeral tales of wistful longing, her songs as Cayenne are just as hook-friendly — even if the guitars have taken a backseat for now.

Her initial years fronting the three-piece were also spent nurturing ambitions to make equally catchy music of a different nature. Taking cues from a movement she quickly became infatuated with — a future-forward take on pop that felt both otherworldly and welcoming to her senses — she first sketched song ideas that have now taken form as crystallized anthems.

All of this has shaped the way she writes and produces her work, incorporating dance music, bubblegum pop, and an unshakeable indie rock sensibility into an encompassing whole. Through the songs of Cayenne, she is able to shift gears from a garage rock fever dream to a pristine hyperpop sheen in a heartbeat — resulting in emphatic pop music that will continue to evolve.

Her first ever solo single Drivin’ Away forms the Cayenne blueprint, followed by an EP to be released in the near future.

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Coming Attractions


Asian Film Archive has been at work preserving, restoring, and screening important Asian films for audiences. ⁠

In their debut podcast series for SGCR, they discuss the journey from their start as a non-profit in 2005 to their current space as a refuge for Asian cinema, where spooky folklore can be found alongside tales of a Kazakh boyband, along with Singapore’s only martial arts film.

About Asian Film Archive

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The Asian Film Archive (AFA) is a charity that focuses on culturally important works by independent Asian filmmakers. It preserves Asia’s rich film heritage in a permanent collection and promotes a wider critical appreciation of Asia’s cinematic works through initiating programmes like screenings and talks.

More than just a repository of film and tape, AFA aspires to be a hub for the film community, contributing to culture, scholarship and industry.

Squelch Zinecast Singapore Community Radio
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Squelch Zinecast


In this episode, Squelch Zines and their guest, Djohan, delve deep into the topic of racism in Singapore, along with the zines that address these issues. ⁠

Disclaimer: Squelch Zines stands to keep this podcast a safe space to discuss issues and topics that may be sensitive to some. Squelch Zines politely asks audiences to listen in with an open mind, as it is a place of discussion and we do not intend to fix, solve, correct, or fault anyone or any content regarding the topic of interest in this episode. Thank you for your understanding.⁠

About Squelch Zines

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We are a collective trying to build a community of zine makers in Singapore. The Singapore zine culture has been hidden, and almost forgotten a few years back, and even more so during this digital age.

Squelch Zines hope to gather as many zinesters in Singapore to form the community, and ultimately be the bridge that connects them to the rest of the zine communities around the world. With that, we also want to encourage more people to continue or start making their own zine. The zine is such a wonderful and versatile communicative medium, and it could be in so many different types of form and made with countless of ways! Everyone’s zine(s) is what they make of it.

Squelch Zines was founded by Nicholas Loke and Janice Chua in 2013. The collective is now a tetrad along with Hafiz Syukri and Alif Seah.

Squelch Zines’s approach has always been experimental, as we try to make every zine experience Squelchable with everyone whom we have come across. Amongst some of the things we have are: The Zine Library, Zine Jam, Zine Swap, and the Squelchable Starter Pack, which we bring along with to our pop-ups, exhibitions and events such as the annual Singapore Art Book Fair.

Squelch Zines have also been working on the next evolution in the zine culture.

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We never thought we’d reach the point of missing outdoor festivals, mudslides and all. ⁠

But that’s exactly where host Tiff is at. In this episode of High Tide, she indulges in some moshpit nostalgia from her visits to Taiwan, where they always do festivals right. ⁠

About High Tide 開台

Every month, Tiff shares quality Taiwanese indie music, films, and subcultures, exchanging cultural observations between Singapore and the wider Mandarin-speaking world.⁠

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Scratch the Surface


Gouge Away – ‘Consider’
Larma – ‘Summa Pack’
Frail Body – ‘Pastel’
Basement – ‘Covet’
Muro – ‘La Ciudad Es Hostil’
Sial – ‘Biar Putih Tulang, Jangan Putih Mata’

The minds behind independent record store Surface Noise take over the mics, discussing hardcore and DIY communities, the beauty of older shopping malls, and what it means to be punk — while sharing their favourite new music.⁠

About Surface Noise

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Hardcore/Punk/Emo/Alternative Record Store based in Singapore. Project by Azadghei Distro, Canopus Distro and 4490 Records.

Kin Leonn Guest Mix Singapore Community Radio
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Guest Mix by Kin Leonn

Apparat – ‘Licidana’
Rob Clouth – ‘Silica (Chihei Hatakeyama Remix)’
Area 3 – ‘Planetarium’
r beny – ‘Echo’s Verse’
Emily A. Sprague – ‘Huckleberry’
Feston – ‘Riverwaves’
36 – ‘Song For Florence’
Windy & Carl – ‘Forest Trails’
Hiroshi Yoshimura – ‘Feet’
Lamp – ‘Behind The Moon Shadow’
Deep Inside – ‘Morning Hue’
Haruka Nakamura – ‘better day’

About Kin Leonn

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Kin Leonn first emerged in Singapore’s indie scene as a founding member of electronic act ‘midstʼ, who released their 2016 debut EP and built an immediate legacy in the city’s thriving electronic underground.

Kin Leonn’s production techniques for midst have been described as “a constant state of evolution, introducing different sounds, techniques, and possibilities without ever compromising on composition or atmosphere”. In many ways, he continues these artistic maneuvers in his personal and creative transition/transformation.

Layering a hybrid of textural synthesis and organic compositions, Kin Leonn’s compositions are often borne from the piano, but continue to evolve into a non-linear interplay of synthesizers, guitar drones and techno excursions.

The artist leads the listener into a voyage of cosmically-detailed environments and redemptive emotional peaks, ranging from ambient bliss to beat-music odyssey.

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Run by Genre Equality’s Hidzir Junaini and Isa Foong, BEHOLD! is a biweekly podcast where they dive into the underseen and underrated pop culture gems close to their hearts.⁠

On BEHOLD!’s SGCR debut, the duo discuss how some of their most beloved films have found new life, decades later, on TV — like how the world of Fargo has expanded into an engrossing anthology series, or why Ryan Murphy has tainted One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’s legacy with his latest work.⁠

About Genre Equality

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Genre Equality is a monthly podcast reviewing fantasy, horror, and science fiction content hosted by Hidzir Junaini and Isa Foong.