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Guest Mix by A/K/A SOUNDS


Expect vast and fluid bass sounds from this sterling mix by A/K/A SOUNDS, who has commanded dancefloors far and wide over the years.


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A/K/A SOUNDS is part of bass music collective BAOWBAOW and ATTAGIRL!, an all-girl collective aimed at bringing together women in arts and music.

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Guest Mix by Pamcy


Pamcy is a house producer from the Philippines carving her own lane. The tracks in her latest EP, Sauce Aisle, take their name from various Asian condiments, inspired by her time exploring food in Singapore.⁠

Her Guest Mix infuses flavours from her favourite records — infectious floor-burners, psychedelic delights and more. ⁠

About Pamcy

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Pamcy is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Manila, Philippines. She has a colorful, DIY approach to house music—she layers her beats with synths, bits of vocal samples, groovy basslines, and all sorts of bleeps.

She has released her music digitally and in limited edition cassettes through Healthy Tapes in Australia, Z Tapes in Slovakia, and Genjitsu Stargazing Society in the Philippines.

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Analog Club


Altin Gun places the spotlight back on Turkey’s folk songbook, with expressive new arrangements of songs frequently overlooked outside of the country’s borders. In their newest album Yol, the band merges Turkish folk singing with modern sounds, 80s new wave with vintage funk. ⁠

In this episode, The Analog Vault folks spin this new record along with other delights from their store.⁠

About The Analog Vault

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The Analog Vault, established in 2015, is an online + offline retail establishment offering a wide and tightly curated mix of vinyl records + other music & analog goods, including books relating to music and music culture.

We focus on the curation of music titles in the genres of jazz, hip hop, modern/experimental classical, electronic, world, and local music.

As such, our online store also aims to be a music discovery platform for aficionados in these genres.

Here at The Analog Vault, we would like to believe that we are purveyors of fine music, and are tremendously respectful of the artists that make good music.

We aim to introduce, to a wider audience, music that represents good artistry and finesse in execution.

We are firm champions of analog music culture, and strongly believe that listening to music on vinyl via an analog sound system is one of the best ways to experience and enjoy good music.

We aim to help further cultivate and deepen the analog music culture in Asia.

We are also passionate about helping to build, shape, and deepen the jazz, electronica, and hip hop music communities in Asia.

Finally, we believe that the act of purchasing a vinyl record is one of the best ways to demonstrate support and respect to music artists, and helps to ensure that these artists continue to make good music.

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In this two-hour live session, JUKE IT! brings the music and movement of Chicago footwork through visuals showcasing dance crew SGFOOTWERKERZ, and a great lineup of footwork connoisseurs including A/K/A SOUNDS, local luminary IYER, and SCATTA from the famous Juke Bounce Werk label (LA).⁠

About JUKE IT!

JUKE IT! was founded with a focus on Chicago Footwork, Juke and Ghetto Tech/House. The art, music and dance surrounding the Chicago Footwork movement has been around since the late 90’s, but its influence in Asia only gaining traction within the last few years. The initiative is an effort to educate and share this movement with enthusiasts through spaces via a short film /documentary screening, open dance floor sessions with upcoming Foot-workers in the scene, and music from selectors dedicated to the genre.

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Chloe Ho


Chloe Ho is an open-hearted singer-songwriter breaking new ground in Singapore with singles such as ‘Here’s To Coming Out’, ‘Raincoat’, and ‘Let’s Never Talk About It’. She performs her latest work on SGCR.

This performance was made possible by the Dorothy Cheung Memorial Fund.

About Chloe Ho


Chloe Ho made her debut in 2018 with indie-pop single “Anytime” while pursuing her diploma in Music and Audio Technology in Singapore Polytechnic. She then released “Here’s to Coming Out” with a performance for her graduation showcase in March 2019, a song written to inspire courage and empathize with closeted individuals. During this time, she also featured and wrote “Raincoat”, a single produced by Kieron Lee.

In May 2019, she released her first EP titled “Sorry ‘bout Your Shoulder”, which she described as “mostly inspired by the state of feeling sorrowful for crying on someone’s shoulders and burdening them constantly with personal issues.”

Heavily influenced by late artist Mac Miller, Chloe incorporates sections of rap in her recent releases like Grocery Shopping (produced by Elliot Tan) and Fake Jazz (produced by INKSOUL). She follows a wide range of artists with many different styles of music such as Rex Orange County, Kehlani, UMI, Mac Ayres, Joji, Omar Apollo, Allen Stone, Lianne La Havas, Berhana, Lawrence and many more.

Whilst enjoying the ambience of the riverside, Chloe busked every weekend on the Clarke Quay Bridge performing both covers and originals. Though it was something she started to build up her self esteem and stage confidence, she started gaining interest and garnered a huge following on Spotify, recently recognised by local artist and musician Charlie Lim.

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Cravism has shown a knack for blissed-out beats, drawing from jazz, hip-hop and R&B. Watch this full live set to dig into his craft.

This performance was made possible by the Dorothy Cheung Memorial Fund.

About Cravism

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Singaporean producer Cravism has always been immersed in the Hip-hop culture. Besides being a professional b-boy, Cravism began playing the piano and trumpet in the early 2000s, which progressed into recording and producing his own music. Since then, he has continued to produce music featuring such artists as Howard Chan, Ffion, Heather Grey, Kiina, Subhas and more.

His music has been featured in Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, Milan, Moscow, Paris, and Seoul for the Adidas Originals Flagship Store has been used by many documentary videos such as The Cuppa Depresso, Elevate the Streets, Dead was the Body and many more. Cravism has also performed around Singapore and the United Kingdom, opening shows for big names such as Slum Village, Cosmo Midnight and others.

Over the past 4 years of producing, Cravism has released 2 instrumental albums and 1 collaborative album with French jazz singer Maya Diegel. His sound contains smooth jazz textures laid over lushful mellow jazz hip hop beats that aim to transport the listener into a chilled and relaxed realm.

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Guest Mix by Mary Sue


Mary Sue takes us on a voyage of 70s Taiwanese funk, 60s ska, underground UK trap, and moody indie bops on this Guest Mix.

Tian Niu – ‘等你在雨中-恬妞 Waiting For You in The Rain’
Jimmy Cliff – ‘King of Kings’
Jadasea – ‘SOUTHSIDE (feat. John Glacier)’
AB001 – ‘Beauty Sleep’
Keiths Mansfield – ‘Before Summer Ends’
ruru – ‘strange world’
Slauson Malone – ‘safe’
Bohannon – ‘Come Winter’
MIKE – ‘fortune teller’
Tatsuro Yamashita – ‘Storm’
Jaso – ‘divine freestyle’
Standing On The Corner – ‘Girl’
Sawalee Phakaphan – ‘จำเลยรัก – สวลี ผกาพันธุ์ Defendant of Love’
Strawberry Guy – ‘What Would I Do’
Mavi – ‘One Foot’
Fabulous Performers – ‘Oh How You Hurt Me’

About Mary Sue

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Intriguant ‘Your Love’ Special


Intriguant’s stunning music video for ‘Your Love’ is demystified in this special segment featuring the electronic music producer, who discusses about the work behind the project with director Amanda Tan, aka Empyreal. ⁠

He also talks about the remixes that come from artists around the world — from Singapore to Myanmar to the United States.⁠

About Intriguant

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Intriguant is a Singapore-based electronic music producer / DJ.

Inspired by the human perception of environments, using textural sounds and invoking moods, backed with syncopated beats and progressions, fusing the physical with the spiritual.


About Empyreal

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Amanda Tan is a filmmaker, director, visual designer, writer and artist based in Singapore. Her music videos and short films have been screened and nominated for awards at various film festivals, including the Berlin Short Film Festival, NYC Indie Film Awards, Singapore Short Film Festival, Salento International Film Festival in Italy and Singapore Short Film Awards. Amanda was also an executive producer on the Berlinale Silver Bear award-winning acclaimed film, Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis.

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Subsonic Eye


The indie rock dreamers of Subsonic Eye recently released Nature of Things, a reinvention of sorts for the five-piece. Fresh off a sold-out launch at Esplanade Concert Hall, watch the band perform songs from the album (and more).

This performance was made possible by the Dorothy Cheung Memorial Fund.

Listen to their latest album Nature of Things here.

About Subsonic Eye

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Nature of Things bio from Bandcamp.

Shedding heavy fuzz and fanfare for rawer tonality and wearied lyricism, Singaporean noise rock mainstays Subsonic Eye reinvent themselves on their third full-length release Nature of Things.

Coming to grips with their place in a strange world, the band finds refuge in confessional intimacy with a grounded palette that evokes the album’s namesake – nature – whilst pondering the toll of human indulgence.

Capturing beauty in the liminal, Nature of Things finds the band poignantly celebrating the spirits of a natural world fast disappearing. In a world that seems to be closing in, their sonic metamorphosis becomes a source of life-affirming refuge. By embracing their most immediate instincts, Subsonic Eye take their boldest steps forward.

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Arts Community Open Talk

feat. deførmed (starts at 34:55)


An artist capable of both frenzied electronic music and heart-swelling indie rock, deførmed shares his experiences as a music student and navigating the murky depths of the internet with his work.⁠

Arts Community Open Talk is part of NTU Arts Festival 2021, made possible by the Dorothy Cheung Memorial Fund.

About deførmed

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