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Nightcap with DJ Itch


Hiroshi Sato (佐藤博) – ‘You’re My Baby’
Lovers Paradise – ‘Seaside Lovers’
Noriyo Ikeda (池田典代) – ‘Dream In The Street’
Yukihiro Takahashi (高橋ユキヒロ) – ‘Elastic Dummy’
99.99 – ‘Amazin’ & Amusin”
Aman Shah – ‘Ku Curah Kasih Sayang Padamu’
Rosemaria – ‘Jiran Baruku’
Yasmin – ‘Tiada Guna Berpura’
Jamal Abdillah – ‘Menanti Kasih’
Fujimaru Band – ‘I Know It’s Gonna Last’
S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe – ‘Trade Wind’
Yurie Kokubu (国分友里恵) – ‘Snob Na Yorue (スノッブな夜へ)’
AB’s – ‘Flight 007’
Maria Asahina (朝比奈マリア) – ‘Disco Gal’
Spectrum – ‘Tomato Ippatsu’
Discovery – ‘Gembira Berdansa’
Carefree – ‘Ratu Dansa (Tarian Patung)’
Allycats – ‘Kasih Mu’
Junko Ohashi (大橋純子) – ‘Telephone Number’
Meiko Nakahara (中原めいこ) – ‘Fantasy’
黃慧文 – ‘開心鬼’
Yukako Hayase (早瀬優香子) – ‘Sartor De Nemurenai (サルトルで眠れない)’
Yurie Kokubu (国分友里恵) – ‘Tobashite Taxi Man (とばしてTaxi Man)’
Yasuha (泰葉) – ‘Flyday Chinatown’
比莉 – ‘熱情沙灘’
洪小援 with The Stylers – ‘牛肉棵條’
Electro Keyboard Orchestra – ‘The Iron Side’
Tatsuro Yamashita (山下達郎) – ‘Love Space’
Tatsuro Yamashita (山下達郎) – ‘Ride On Time’
Minako Yoshida (吉田美奈子) – ‘Midnight Driver’
Noriki – ‘You Need Me’
梅艷芳 – ‘Oh No! Oh Yes!’
Tokyo Square – ‘Within You’ll Remain’
Akemi Ishii (石井明美) – ‘Cha-Cha-Cha’
1986 Omega Tribe – ‘Stay Girl, Stay Pure’
Sandra Hohn – ‘Love Squall’

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Mary Sue


Singaporean rapper/producer Mary Sue is full of mystery, but his music offers raw, fragmented glimpses into his psyche. Watch his first-ever live performance on SGCR.

This performance was made possible by the Dorothy Cheung Memorial Fund.

About Mary Sue

Instagram | Bandcamp

Mary Sue is a left field hip hop producer/rapper from Singapore. Involving heavy sample manipulation, with elements of sound collage and glitch; his self produced instrumentals provide a background for introspective vocal passages, which explores themes such as regret, vulnerability and personal growth.

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Coming Attractions with Asian Film Archive


This month, Asian Film Archive turns to Indian cinema. They share about films that address issues of land, labour and human rights through poetry, music and humour — all screening as part of their latest programme, Reframe: A Time to Resist. ⁠


About Asian Film Archive

Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Asian Film Archive (AFA) is a charity that focuses on culturally important works by independent Asian filmmakers. It preserves Asia’s rich film heritage in a permanent collection and promotes a wider critical appreciation of Asia’s cinematic works through initiating programmes like screenings and talks.

More than just a repository of film and tape, AFA aspires to be a hub for the film community, contributing to culture, scholarship and industry.

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Mushroomed by Object Lessons Space


Charcoal is often associated with drawing or sketching. In the case of artist Mahalakshmi Kannappan, she uses it to great sculptural effect: creating three-dimensional forms that play with textures and differences in light refraction.⁠

In this episode of Mushroomed, Object Lessons Space speaks to the artist about her enduring relationship with charcoal, and how she handles such a tactile and sensuous medium.⁠

Watch more episodes of Mushroomed by Object Lessons Space:

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About Object Lessons Space

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Object Lessons Space is an art historical archive and platform that documents conversations with artists, writers, and curators.

Through our work, we hope to create nuanced, sensitive and intersectional dialogue around art. In a cultural landscape where content is often driven by social media’s frenzied pace, we are committed towards facilitating honest conversations and slow consumption for our readers.

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Analog Club


Altin Gun places the spotlight back on Turkey’s folk songbook, with expressive new arrangements of songs frequently overlooked outside of the country’s borders. In their newest album Yol, the band merges Turkish folk singing with modern sounds, 80s new wave with vintage funk. ⁠

In this episode, The Analog Vault folks spin this new record along with other delights from their store.⁠

About The Analog Vault

Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Analog Vault, established in 2015, is an online + offline retail establishment offering a wide and tightly curated mix of vinyl records + other music & analog goods, including books relating to music and music culture.

We focus on the curation of music titles in the genres of jazz, hip hop, modern/experimental classical, electronic, world, and local music.

As such, our online store also aims to be a music discovery platform for aficionados in these genres.

Here at The Analog Vault, we would like to believe that we are purveyors of fine music, and are tremendously respectful of the artists that make good music.

We aim to introduce, to a wider audience, music that represents good artistry and finesse in execution.

We are firm champions of analog music culture, and strongly believe that listening to music on vinyl via an analog sound system is one of the best ways to experience and enjoy good music.

We aim to help further cultivate and deepen the analog music culture in Asia.

We are also passionate about helping to build, shape, and deepen the jazz, electronica, and hip hop music communities in Asia.

Finally, we believe that the act of purchasing a vinyl record is one of the best ways to demonstrate support and respect to music artists, and helps to ensure that these artists continue to make good music.

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In this two-hour live session, JUKE IT! brings the music and movement of Chicago footwork through visuals showcasing dance crew SGFOOTWERKERZ, and a great lineup of footwork connoisseurs including A/K/A SOUNDS, local luminary IYER, and SCATTA from the famous Juke Bounce Werk label (LA).⁠

About JUKE IT!

JUKE IT! was founded with a focus on Chicago Footwork, Juke and Ghetto Tech/House. The art, music and dance surrounding the Chicago Footwork movement has been around since the late 90’s, but its influence in Asia only gaining traction within the last few years. The initiative is an effort to educate and share this movement with enthusiasts through spaces via a short film /documentary screening, open dance floor sessions with upcoming Foot-workers in the scene, and music from selectors dedicated to the genre.

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Film photography in Singapore

The newest show on SGCR, Thirty5 explores the developing medium of film photography. ⁠

Hosted by The Film Initiative, they talk about the work behind keeping film alive in Singapore and fostering a community behind it.⁠

This episode features TFI members Coby and Haikal, who talk about film photography with guests Venus Oh and Joel Chua.⁠

About The Film Initiative

Facebook | Instagram

The Film Initiative was founded as a means to advocate film in this current time and age, to keep it alive among the youth of today.

We welcome everyone from all ages who take interest in such a soulful craft, join us for workshops, studio and outdoor shoots. It is time for you to learn the photographic means your parents used, before the digital realm.

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Cravism has shown a knack for blissed-out beats, drawing from jazz, hip-hop and R&B. Watch this full live set to dig into his craft.

This performance was made possible by the Dorothy Cheung Memorial Fund.

About Cravism

Website | Facebook

Singaporean producer Cravism has always been immersed in the Hip-hop culture. Besides being a professional b-boy, Cravism began playing the piano and trumpet in the early 2000s, which progressed into recording and producing his own music. Since then, he has continued to produce music featuring such artists as Howard Chan, Ffion, Heather Grey, Kiina, Subhas and more.

His music has been featured in Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, Milan, Moscow, Paris, and Seoul for the Adidas Originals Flagship Store has been used by many documentary videos such as The Cuppa Depresso, Elevate the Streets, Dead was the Body and many more. Cravism has also performed around Singapore and the United Kingdom, opening shows for big names such as Slum Village, Cosmo Midnight and others.

Over the past 4 years of producing, Cravism has released 2 instrumental albums and 1 collaborative album with French jazz singer Maya Diegel. His sound contains smooth jazz textures laid over lushful mellow jazz hip hop beats that aim to transport the listener into a chilled and relaxed realm.

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Not Safe For TV tells the Singaporean stories you wouldn’t normally see. Say Reel is a segment featuring a lovingly curated selection of tales by the NSFTV team.⁠

Last year, NSFTV asked their followers to share with them a conversation that they wished to relive or rewrite.⁠

Long Story Short is an original series inspired by these moments and stories. From mistaken identities to wedding mishaps, watch these stories unfold below.


YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Not Safe For TV is an online visual magazine for experimental video content, provoking deeper thought and conversation through the exploration of urban social issues in Southeast Asia.

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Intriguant ‘Your Love’ Special


Intriguant’s stunning music video for ‘Your Love’ is demystified in this special segment featuring the electronic music producer, who discusses about the work behind the project with director Amanda Tan, aka Empyreal. ⁠

He also talks about the remixes that come from artists around the world — from Singapore to Myanmar to the United States.⁠

About Intriguant

Facebook | Instagram

Intriguant is a Singapore-based electronic music producer / DJ.

Inspired by the human perception of environments, using textural sounds and invoking moods, backed with syncopated beats and progressions, fusing the physical with the spiritual.


About Empyreal

Website | Instagram

Amanda Tan is a filmmaker, director, visual designer, writer and artist based in Singapore. Her music videos and short films have been screened and nominated for awards at various film festivals, including the Berlin Short Film Festival, NYC Indie Film Awards, Singapore Short Film Festival, Salento International Film Festival in Italy and Singapore Short Film Awards. Amanda was also an executive producer on the Berlinale Silver Bear award-winning acclaimed film, Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis.